CPCS Explained

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The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides skills cards for the plant sector of the Construction and allied industries. It was launched in 2003 and since then over 300,000 cards have been issued across 64 categories of plant and related occupations.

Are people on your site competent to do their job or just carded to get a job? It’s not about getting a card to work, to get on-site, it’s about having people on-site you can trust to do a good job, safely. XRE Construction Training Limited are accredited to deliver high quality CPCS courses from a range of different categories, we offer professional training and testing conducted by qualified, friendly and experienced instructors.

CPCS Courses that we can deliver;

  • Novice
  • Experienced Operator Training
  • Theory Training
  • Test Only

CPCS Red Trained Operator Card

red trained operator card

The CPCS Red Trained Operator Card is issued on successful completion of the CPCS Theory and Practical Technical test. This RED card is valid for 2 years, within the 2 years of operating the plant you must register to complete a NVQ in the same categories in order to upgrade your card to a BLUE Competent Operator.

CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card

The Blue Competent Operator Card shows employers that you are competent to operate a particular type of plant. That you have skills to do the job, the HS&E training needed to do it safely, and real-world experience with a particular type of plant. Your BLUE card is issued and valid for 5 years.

Competent Operator Card

CPCS Course Categories we can provide;Construction Plant Competence Scheme - NOCN Job Cards

  • CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper & A31 Ride on Roller Combined Course
  • CPCS Training (A09) - Forward Tipping Dumper Course (Wheeled/Tracked)
  • CPCS Training (A12) - 180 Degree Excavator/Digger above 5 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A14) - Rough Terrain Forklift
  • CPCS Training (A17) - Telescopic Handler Course
  • CPCS Training (A19) - Grader
  • CPCS Training (A21) - Wheeled Loading Shovel Course
  • CPCS Training (A22) - Tracked Loading Shovel
  • CPCS Training (A23) - Skid Steer Loader Course
  • CPCS Training (A25) - Mobile Elevating Work Platform - Scissor
  • CPCS Training (A31) - Ride on Roller Course
  • CPCS Training (A33) - Agricultural Tractor Course
  • CPCS Training (A34) – Crawler – Tractor/Dozer
  • CPCS Training (A36) - Lorry Loader Course
  • CPCS Training (A40) - Slinger Signaller Course
  • CPCS Training (A42) - Crusher
  • CPCS Training (A43) - Screener
  • CPCS Training (A44) - Concrete Pump Trailer Mounted
  • CPCS Training (A46) - Piling Rig - Driven above 20 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A47) - Piling Rig – Bored below 20 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A48) - Piling Rig – Bored above 20 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A50) - Loader/Securer - STGO
  • CPCS Training (A56) - Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis
  • CPCS Training (A58) - 360 Degree Excavator/Digger Course below 10 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A59) - 360 Degree Excavator/Digger Course above 10 tonnes
  • CPCS Training (A60) - Mobile Crane
  • CPCS Training (A61) - Appointed Person Lifting Operations
  • CPCS Training (A62) - Lifting Operations Crane Supervisor Course